Warranty for Jewelry and Terms of Repair


The Designer provides one (1) year of full guarantee for any of her jewelry. During this period all products will be repaired or replaced free of charge (provided that the damage happened through no fault of the Customer's own, i.e. they are defects of material or craftsmanship). In this case any postage fee will be paid by the Designer.

After the expiration of the warranty period the Designer offers the renovation or repair of jewelry for a reasonable price.

Damages (scratches, tears, fractures, etc.) caused by use for non-intended purposes are only repaired for a fee. (The amount of this fee will be quoted upon agreement with the Customer.)

The Designer should make efforts to finish any repairs or replacements within a maximum of fifteen (15) days.

The Customer shall not attempt to repair the jewelry by himself/herself as it results in losing the warranty.

The Designer is only liable for her own work, hence the Customer repairs the jewelry by himself/herself, he/she will not be able to request any further repair from the Designer.

This warranty does not cover any problems that may arise from the medical side effects of the product (e.g. metal allergy).

If, during the examination of the product, it becomes apparent that the warranty doesn't cover the fault of the product, any repairing or transportation costs shall be borne by the Customer. In this case the Designer informs the Customer of the expected costs prior to the commencement of the repair. If the Customer does not request any repairs, the Designer will return the product to the Customer (at the Customer's expense).

In order to lengthen the product's life cycle, we recommend the following:

- The purchased product is a piece of casual jewelry, i.e. it's not recommended for everyday use.

- Do not wear the jewelry during cleaning, physical work, workout, washing up, etc.

- The small parts of the jewelry may be caught into long and/or free-falling hair. Please take this into consideration when ordering/wearing the product!

- Do not expose jewelry to direct sunlight, and do not store it under hot temperatures, near open fire or under extreme weather conditions.

- Always store the product in its own box or textile bag, alternatively in any other jewelry case, separated from other jewelry pieces and objects.

- Do not wear jewelry with other jewelry pieces as they may scratch its surface.

- The metal part of the product may oxidize, hence wipe it regularly with a polishing cloth (included in the product package) if you experience any change of color or brightness (please note that it is a natural phenomenon). It may occur sooner due to the pH value of human skin which varies from person to person.

- The leather on the product may soften and become more flexible over time. This is one of the characteristics of genuine leather, and does not affect the quality of the product.

- Do not place heavy objects on top of the jewelry, as the leather part may become wrinkled or deformed.

- Protect the jewelry from being dropped to avoid possible fractures or dents.

- Do not wear the jewelry in rain and keep it away from humidity, water and moisture.

- Protect jewelry from different makeup products, creams, primers, perfumes, detergents, abrasives, solvents and other chemicals, etc., because they cannot or can hardly be removed from the leather surface and they also may cause the discoloration or damage of the metal parts of the jewelry.

- Gilding is a thin golden layer that diminishes over time (which is a natural process), hence do not perform rubbing, excessive cleaning, or machine/manual polishing on the surface of the jewelry.

- Exceptionally, moving parts (nuts, bolts) may loosen, so before wearing the jewelry please make sure that each item is in place.